Kids Extra Soft Toothbrushes

#1.The smaller head on this toothbrush ensures that your children are able to reach every corner of their teeth. This decreases the risk of future health concerns and allows them to have a healthy smile today.

#2.You’ll have four toothbrushes (in different variations) for the whole year: generally, you should replace your child’s toothbrush every three months. However, if they’re good about oral care, it may not be necessary to change it as often.

#3.Small enough for both baby teeth and permanent ones. Our toothbrush is extra-soft to treat your kid’s teeth and gums gently. The unique shape of the head contour allows more access to those hard-to-reach bits.

#4.This children’s toothbrush has a strong and grippy handle, which is shaped in a way that it’s comfortable to fit in a small hand. It’s also sturdy and durable so you don’t have to worry about it breaking.

#5.To make sure your child has a toothbrush for every situation, put one on the sink, mirror, or shelf using the suction cup underneath. That way, it’ll always be at hand when the child is ready to brush their teeth—or, when told to do so by their parents.

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Additional information

Product Code





3.9 inch



Item Firmness

extra soft

Product Details:

  • Soft rubber grip handle for kids’ hands
  • Extra soft bristles effectively clean while being gentle on kids’ teeth
  • Small brush head designed for kids’ mouth
  • Angled bristles help to reach back teeth and hard to reach places

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