Antibacterial and Soft Bristle Kids Toothbrush

Soft Rounded Bristles will protect the enamel of your teeth and protect delicate gums

#1.This tongue cleaner was designed to promote fresh breath.

#2.Cushioned head is helpful in protecting your tender gums

#3.The bristles are designed to reach the parts of your mouth that are difficult to clean.

#4.Handle Stabilizer is a small, hand-held device with an adhesive bottom that holds the toothbrush in place after it’s set down.

#5.In the battle of brands to find the best toothbrush for kids, Oralwise is most recommended by dentists.

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Item Firmness

super soft

Product Details:

  • Each toothbrush features a compact head with 3 rows and 24 tufts of soft  bristles
  • Kids friendly designed grip and our adorable Chinese Dragon make them perfect for younger kids
  • Individually wrapped in a Blister Card

Introduce your little ones to a healthy oral care routine with Brush Buddies Oralwise Toothbrushes! These 4-piece packs come with toothbrushes in a variety of colors and designs, providing entertainment in the morning and evening. They each feature soft bristles to ensure effective cleaning without risk of sensitive gums or enamel damage.

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