Hot Speed Car Kids Boothbrush with Suction Cup Holder

#1.Kids wants to have fun and play, not brush their teeth. The extra soft bristles on this toothbrush the ensure kids will stay in the good habit of brushing for life!

#2.The compact head of our kids’ toothbrush is designed to fit the smaller mouths of little ones, and is sized specifically for their small teeth. The easy-to-grip handle also gives parents a better handle on guiding their children’s brushing routine.

#3.Young kids can’t reach? We got your back. The ergonomic bristles allows children to reach their back teeth and hard to reach places by a simple cleaning.

#4.BPA free toothbrush with a small brush head for a thorough cleaning of teeth

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Additional information

Product Code



As figure shows


5.67 in


17.4 g

Power Source


Item Firmness Description

Extra Soft

Handle Material

PP Material + TPR Rubber


1pc in individual card, 12pcs in inner box, 288pcs/carton

Product Details:


  • The brush head features soft rounded bristles. Soft rounded bristle will protect the enamel of children’s teeth and protect delicate gums.
  • Kids’ Toothbrush 6 pack features an ergonomic handle that is easy to grip for those small hands.
  • The toothbrush handle shape as speed car to make brushing fun!
  • Built in suction cup for easy and fun upright storage

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